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For Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

Do you have any of the following concerns about importing pharmaceuticals?

  • Not knowing where to place an order
  • Not sure about customs clearance procedures such as application for import verification
  • Not knowing the appropriate price

Medical Life Co., Ltd. has built connections with various international pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Therefore, by using the import agency service that we provide, it is possible to safely deliver overseas pharmaceuticals to medical institutions and clinics at a reasonable price.
Furthermore, we will take care of the complicated and complex procedures involved in importing pharmaceuticals, so you won't have to worry about anything.

We import overseas pharmaceuticals on behalf of our clients with a complete system that can respond to all kinds of requests.

Information on Pharmaceutical Import Agency Services
by Medical Life Co., Ltd

  1. Reliable Support System

    Reliable Support System

    There is no need to go through any complicated procedures. We import pharmaceuticals on your behalf with a reliable support system.

  2. Order Process

    Order Process

    It takes about 3 weeks from receipt of order to delivery.
    Pharmaceuticals are delivered directly to your clinic.

  3. About the medicines we handle

    About the medicines we handle

    We handle a wide range of pharmaceuticals. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

  4. About fees

    About fees

    We offer our import services at reasonable prices. In addition to the price of the product, shipping, handling fees, and taxes will be charged.

Why choose Medical Life Co., Ltd.'s pharmaceutical import agency service?

Reliable support system

  • Good value for money

    Good value for money

    Through our connections with international pharmaceutical manufacturers, we are able to deliver medicines at reasonable prices.
    If you are not satisfied with the price of other companies, please contact us.
  • Easy quotation with just one phone call

    Easy quotation with just one phone call

    We will send you a quotation immediately with just one phone call.
    Of course, the quotation is provided free of charge.
  • Original Packaging

    Original Packaging

    Using original packaging can strengthen your clinic's branding.
    It is also expected to differentiate your clinic from other clinics and promote box purchases (bulk purchases).
  • Customer support

    Customer support

    We can also provide advice on operations, such as attracting customers using the web and implementing online medical treatment methods.
    We also provide information on pharmaceutical products as needed.
  • Flexible response to any request

    Flexible response to any request

    Please feel free to make any request, even if it's something other companies might refuse.
    We will respond flexibly to any request.
  • Shortest possible delivery time

    Shortest possible delivery time

    After receiving an order, we request the overseas pharmaceutical manufacturer to deliver the product as quickly as possible.
    We will deliver your products safely and securely in approximately 3 weeks.

The support system mentioned above has helped us gain more than 300 clients annually.

With our comprehensive system, we import pharmaceuticals on behalf of our clients, eliminating the need for them to navigate troublesome procedures.
Please take advantage of Medical Life Co., Ltd.'s pharmaceutical import agent service.

Order Process

Shortest Time
Inquiry Request for quotation (*Free of charge)
We will suggest the best solution based on your inquiry.
Of course, you may decline after confirming the quotation.
2 - 4 weeks later
Order Arrangement of
overseas shipment
Customs clearance Delivery Payment

Information required when ordering

  • Shipping address information
  • Doctor Information

Required Documents

  • Copy of medical license
  • Letter of attorney (we will prepare this for you)
All you need to do is submit the required documents.
We will arrange the goods and handle all customs clearance procedures on your behalf.

We will deliver the product about 3 weeks after receiving your order.
However, please note that delivery time might vary depending on factors such as the situation in each country, inventory status, and customs clearance status.
Payment terms depend on the product and will be explained when you contact us.

About the medicines we handle

Medical Life Co., Ltd. primarily handles pharmaceuticals for the following treatments.

Besides the mentioned treatments, we handle various other pharmaceutical products.
We also handle supplements.


Article 68 of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act (Law Concerning the Quality, Efficacy, and Safety of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices) prohibits the advertising and promotion of unapproved pharmaceuticals in Japan, including product names, names of ingredients, indications, prices.
In order to comply with the law, we do not display medicine names or other information.
If there is a pharmaceutical product you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Quality and Safety Initiatives

Medical Life Corporation conducts the following activities to ensure the quality and safety of its pharmaceutical products.

  • Regularly request medicine appraisal from a third-party organization
  • Conduct on-site visits to suppliers

Medical Life Co., Ltd. has established strict criteria for selecting suppliers to ensure quality and safety.
In addition, we regularly request third-party organizations to evaluate our pharmaceutical products.

We also accept orders for small lots.

We understand that many people are concerned about quality and safety.
At Medical Life Co. Ltd., we accept orders for small lots, allowing customers to confirm the quality, price, and delivery time.
Please note that some products may not be available in small lots; contact us for details.

About fees

  • Product's price
  • Shipping charges
  • Import agency fee
  • Logistics arrangement fee (communication fee)
  • Import consumption tax and local consumption tax

We will send you a quotation as soon as possible after receiving your inquiry.

About Shipping Charges

About Shipping Charges
Shipping costs vary depending on the quantity and weight of the product and the exchange rate.
The choice of shipping company depends on the country of destination, but we mainly use Fedex and DHL.

Logistics arrangement fee
(communication fee)

  • 1,500 yen per item

Import consumption tax and local consumption tax

  • Import consumption tax: approx. 7.8% of the product price
  • Local consumption tax: approx. 2.2% of the product price

Charges vary depending on the type and quantity of goods. The total amount including fees and taxes will be presented at the time of quotation.

Please inquire about import agency fee.

Payment is by bank transfer only.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Ordering

Q.What documents are required to place an order?
A.A copy of your medical license and a power of attorney are required to place an order.
We will prepare the power of attorney for you.
Q.Want to know the names of the medicines that can be imported.
A.Please contact us through "Contact Us" if there is a pharmaceutical product you are interested in.
Please note that under the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act, it is prohibited to disclose medicine information to unspecified persons.
Q.Can I cancel my order?
A.As a general rule, orders cannot be canceled or returned after the order has been confirmed.

About Shipping

Q.How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A.Approximately 3 weeks after the order is confirmed.
However, please note that there may be a delay from the scheduled date due to stock-outs, airmail delays, etc.
Q.Will I receive notification of shipment?
A.Yes, we will contact you at your registered e-mail address when the shipment is completed.
In the unlikely event that you do not receive a shipment notification, please contact us.
Q.What should I do if the product I received is damaged?
A.We ensure that your order is packed as securely as possible.
However, in the unlikely event that an item is damaged, please retain the damaged item and contact our customer service or the designated representative.
We will check and report to the shipping company and take action.

About Payment

Q.What payment methods do you accept?
A.We accept payment by bank transfer only.
Q.Are there any fees other than the product price?
A.There are additional charges such as delivery fees, agency fees, logistics arrangement service fees, import and local consumption taxes, as well as bank transfer charges.
We will provide you with details when we send you a quotation.

Important points

We accept orders only from doctors and healthcare professionals for therapeutic or research purposes.

Under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, we cannot accept shipments on behalf of our customers.
The customer is treated as the importer, and all responsibility for importation belongs to the importer.

Please check the laws and regulations carefully and use the site at your own risk.
Additionally, we are unable to answer questions regarding the efficacy, effectiveness, or treatment methods of pharmaceuticals.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Before importing, please refer to the "Medicines, etc. to be careful about when importing for personal use" section on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website, and continue to check it periodically after importing.

Import Agency Terms of Use

Looking for a Pharmaceutical Import Agent?

If you are looking for a pharmaceutical import agent, please contact Medical Life Co.

  • Will respond promptly to your inquiries
  • Will take all possible measures to solve any problems
  • Clear pricing
  • Compliance with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act

We promise the above.
Medical Life Co., Ltd. believes that "trust" is the paramount factor for customers when choosing an import agent.
It is a fundamental expectation that an import agent delivers medicines safely.
However, trust is essential for ensuring peace of mind.
Medical Life Co., Ltd. will attentively address all your requests and propose the optimal plan to ensure a safe and reliable pharmaceutical import service.

Of course, you may also just want to talk to us or consult with us.
Whether or not you have a business relationship with us, we will sincerely address any inquiries you may have about pharmaceutical importation.
If you are looking for an import agent, please feel free to contact Medical Life Co.

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